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Powerful Guide to Recover Windows 8 Lost Password

All most new laptops and computer are now come with Windows 8, the new version of Microsoft system. It’s no doubt that Windows 8 is the most likely system by people than other versions of Windows. For example, it is strongly protect your personal data by creating not only text password, but also image password. But if you lost Windows 8 password, it may be a frustrated and hated thing, you have tried everything and nothing can help.

From many tech forums, it seems that there are many Windows 8 users ask similar questions about Windows 8 password recovery, so here shows you a detail guide on how to perform Windows 8 password recovery, sincerely hope it can help you find out your lost password.

Powerful guides on Windows 8 Password Recovery

Solution 1: Easily get back your lost password with Windows 8 Password Recovery.

The first and easiest way to get back your lost password is to use Windows 8 Password Recovery software. FinalSeeker Windows Password Recovery is such a powerful tool to reset any versions of Windows user os admin account password, with it you can restore your forgotten or lost password in minutes within clicks, regardless of your password strength and computer level. This program is 100% security guaranteed. Below are the steps.

Step 1: Log in any available computer but not the one you want to reset password, download and install FinalSeeker Windows Password Recovery on that computer.

Step 2: Prepare a blank CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive and inser it to the computer, create a boot Windows 8 password reset CD/DVD or USB drive in seconds.

Step 3: Now turn to your computer which you need to reset that login password, insert the newly created bootable disk to it and restart the computer. Note: To make user the computer can read the CD/DVD or USB drive, you need to reset BIOS by press F2 before Windows starts and then move CD/DVD drive or USB drive to the first.

Step 4: Restart the computer and now you may see the program is working, following the guide on the program to reset the forgotten Windows 8 user password within 3 clicks.

When it finishes, it will show you a dialog about the account password has been reset successfully. Now you can log in your system with that account.

Solution 2: Find out lost password with Windows 8 Reset disk

It is strongly recommended you create a password reset disc before adding your computer account password. If you have created one, take it out and insert it to your computer and follow the below steps.

Step 1: Click “Reset password” after it says Windows 8 password incorrect, try again,

Step 2: After the password reset wizard appears, insert your password reset disk to the computer.

Step 3: Type a new password, type it again to confirm, click “Next” and then hit “Finish”.

Note that the disk only help on a certain account which you created for, if you need to recover other users account, read the next solutions.

Solution 3: Use another Windows 8 administrator account

If you have another admin account, log in that account to reset the user password you’ve lost or forgotten by doing the following steps.

Step 1: Restart your computer and Sign in system via another administrator account.

Step 2: Type “user accounts” in the search box and select User Accounts, then the user account windows will be on your screen with all Windows 8 user account listed.

Step 3: Select the account which you want to reset password and type a new password twice in the text box, and then click change password button to finish resetting your forgotten password.

Now you can login the system with that account and new password. But note that you may be lost data when using this method. This way only work well when you forgot Windows 8 local user password. If you sign in with a Microsoft account and forgot the password, please reset it on Microsoft account sign-in webpage.

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