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How to Recover lost Windows 7 Password

It is frustrated to find your Windows 7 password lost, as there are many works are waiting for you to do but you can’t enter your system. Or you can’t enter your computer any more because the login password has been changed due to virus affection.

This is a common situation that we may meet in our computer daily life. Passwords play an important role to protect our computer privacy, however, everything has its other side, it may cause problem like keep you outside the system if you forgot or lost the password. But no panic, this guide will show you how to perform Windows 7 password Recovery easily and powerful.

Tips On Windows 7 Password Recovery

Tip one: Resetting your Windows 7 password with password reset disk.

If you have created a password reset disk for that account fortunately, take out the disk and insert to the computer, restart it and follow below steps to reset the password.

Step 1: When in the login screen, enter a wrong password and then it will show you “reset password…”, click that link to go to reset password screen.

Step 2: Enter a new password for that account twice and confirm, then you can login that account with the new password.

If you forget your password for that account again, you can use the same password reset disk and no need to make a new one. But note you that the disk only use on a certain account which you created for.

Tip 2: Recovering your Windows 7 password with FinalSeeker Windows Password Recovery

If you didn’t have any Windows 7 password reset disk, still no worry as you can create a bootable disk which allows you to boot into your system to reset a password with the help of FinalSeeker Windows Password Recovery.

FinalSeeker Windows Password Recovery is a powerful and professional program to help you get back your lost password within five minutes, it is 100% recovery granted. Download and install the program on any available computer you can log in and follow below steps to recover the lost password.

Step 1: After installing the software on any computer, prepare a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive and insert it to the computer.

Step 2: Run the software and begin to make a bootable password reset disk in seconds.

Step 3: Now turn to your locked computer, insert the newly created disk to the computer and restart, if it is a USB bootable disk, you need to go to your BIOS Setting to move the USB drive to the first so that your computer can boot from the USB disk.

Step 4: Restart your computer and you’ll find the Finalseeker Windows Password Recovery works, follow the guide on the program to reset your password in 3 clicks.

It will show you the password have been reset successfully when finishes and you can log in your computer with that account and password.

Recovering Windows 7 password is easy and safe with the help of Windows password recovery. To prevent you forget your password again, write it download on a safe place.

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