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SanDisk Data Recovery – Undelete files from SanDisk


SanDisk Data Recovery software - Sandisk undeleteHelp! This morning, I made mistake that I deleted all my photos on my SanDisk cruzer, and I couldn't resotre those photos from recycle bin. Those photos are very important for me, so i want to recover those photos. Can somebody tell me what i can do to retrieve my photos from SanDisk memory card? Any suggestion would be appriciated.

As a SanDisk memory card or flash drive user, you might come across data loss sitution on SanDisk drive before. As a matter fo fact, lost data which is caused by accidental deletion is recoverable. Lost data caused by format can be recovered as well. No matter what reason cause data loss, what you need to do is to get a SanDisk Data Recovery software and use it to recover the lost files.

Important: Before recovering lost data from SanDisk, don't write any new data to your SanDisk to avoid making damage to the data on disk.

How to recover lost file from SanDisk:

When data loss issue happens to you, don't painic. Finalseeker Card Data Recovery can help you recover your lost data as long as the lost data isn't overwritten. Just Get and use it to rescue your data.

1. Download SanDisk Data Recovery software Finalseeker Card Data Recovery and install it to a Windows.

2. Plug in SanDisk memory card or SanDisk flash drive, and then start Finalseeker Data Recovery software.

3. Choose data type to recover. If recover photo only, you can choose Photos option, which will help to scan and retrieve lost files quickly.

sandisk cruzer Data Recovery – Undelete files from SanDisk

4. Select SanDisk Memory Card or SandDisk USB Drive from drive list.

 Undelete files from SanDisk


5. After scanning, all files will be display in category. You can choose the file you want to recover. You can preview photos before recovering.

sandisk Data Recovery

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