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How to recover photos from memory card

Accidentally deleted photos from memory card? Or accidentally formatted memory card and lost all photos on card? Don't panic, follow this photos recovery guide to recover photos from memory card instantly for free.

Why you lost your photos on card:

Memory card is wide used in our life. It is used in camera, mobile phone, mp3 player, mp4 player, USB flash drive etc. As a memory card user, you may have experienced the following situations:

  • Accidentally deleted photos on memory card.
  • Formatted the memory card and find photos on card still are valuable.
  • The memory card asks for a format before you can access it.
  • Somebody deleted the photos on card without your permission.
  • All photos are suddenly missing.
  • The memory card becomes corrupted and all data on memory card become inaccessible for unknown reason.

When any of above issues happens to you, don't be frustrated, and don't throw away your memory card. What you need to do is to find a reliable photos recovery way to recover photos from memory card, and keep in mind that don't write new data to the card or format it before you get the lost photos back.

How to recover photos from memory card:

A reliable and effective memory card data recovery software can help you to recover all your lost photos form memory quickly. If you haven't got one work fine for you, you can get Finalseeker Card Data Recovery Free Edition and have a try. I think it can work fine and recover all files you need.

Steps to recover lost photos from memory card:

1. Connect memory card to computer. Put your memory card to a card reader and insert card reader to computer, or connect memory card device to computer with digital cable.

2. Launch card data recovery software and choose Photos recovery options.

recover photos from memory card

3. Select memory card drive letter and click Scan button to scan the data on memory card and retrieve the lost photos on memory card.

recover deleted photos from memory card

4. Preview the photos and choose the photos you want, and them click the recover button to save them to another partition or drive.

recover photos from sd card

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