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How to recover deleted files with file recovery software

Deleted File Recovery - This tutorial describes how to recover deleted files in windows 7, vista, xp, 2000, 2003 and 2008 with free file recovery software.

Nowadays, Personal computer, Tablet PC, Smart Phone and Portable audio/video player are become more and more popular in our life. The improvement of the storage technology makes our digital life more and more wonderful. We can store data (flies) in kinds of storage media, such as hard disk, memory card, USB flash drive, movable hard drive, portable audio/video player, mobile phone, camera etc., and take it to everywhere. As a user of these storage media, you may have ever deleted files by "Shift + Del" accidentally and cannot restore them from recycle bin. When accidentally deletion happen, most people would give up to recover the deleted files, because they thought the deleted data isn’t restorable or it is very hard to recover the deleted data. As a matter of fact, the deleted files are restorable and they are easily and simple recovered. When that happens to you, what you need to do is do find a professional file recovery software and use it to recover the lost data, and remember don’t write new data to disk before you recover the deleted data.

Why deleted files can be recovered?

When a file is deleted, the operating system removes the file name from the file table and also change the file exist flag from true to false. Actually, the deleted file data (store as 0 and 1), and file information (file type, file size, date of file) still on the disk until them ware over written with new data. However, the operating system can only access the files on file table and shows them to windows user, so the deleted file will not be shown any more. The professional data recovery software is able to scan every sector on the disk, find out the files which ware marked as deleted, and recover them as last.


How to recover deleted files with file recovery software

In order to recover deleted file successfully, professional file recovery software is really need. A professional file recovery tool can help you recover all you lost files exactly, and save lots of time for you. Finalseeker data recovery is reliable, effective and safe deleted file recovery software, which is designed for recovering deleted/formatted files from various storage media in windows 7/vista/xp/2000/2003/2008 system.  If you still haven’t get one yet, I recommend you get Finalseeker Data Recovery software free edition and use it to recover your lost data for free.

1. Download Finalseeker Data Recovery software and install it in a Windows. This software can be installed in windows 7/vista/xp/2000/2003/2008.

2. If your storage media is removable, insert it to computer or connect it to computer with digital cable.

3. Start Finalseeker data recovery software, choose Raw Recovery option, and then click next to go on.

free file recovery software

4. Select the partition or drive which you want to recover deleted files from and then click "Scan" button to go on.

Deleted File Recovery

5. Preview to select the files you want and then click the "Recover" button to recover them. Tips: Only pictures (png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif) can be previewed.

Tips: The name of deleted files may have been changed, so it is difficult to recognize a file by file name. If the file cannot be previewed, you can find out a file you need by the following attributes:

  • The size of the file.
  • The date of the file.
  • The file name suffix.

Note: Don't save recovered files to the same partition as lost files.

recover deleted files


Appendix: Base knowlege of storage media

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