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How to recover deleted files in Windows xp

This tutorial explains how to recover deleted files in Windows xp with free card data recovery software. This guide can help to recover lost files from hard disk, usb disk, memory card and external storage device.

As known, if we delete a file by Delete key or deletion of context menu, we can restore the deleted files on recycle or use the undelete menu to cancel the deletion. However, windows xp provide no way to restore a deleted file which is deleted by "Shift + Delete" or was cleared from recycle. If this happen to you, don’t panic. You still can recover the deleted file with data recovery software until you overwrite the old data with new files.

Step by step guide to recover deleted file in windows xp:


1. Download Finalseeker Data Recovery Software and install it to a Windows. This software is designed to recover deleted/formatted/partition files from hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card and other storage devices. Tips: On windows xp/vista/7, you need the administrator privilege to install and run this software.

2.Launch Finalseeker Data Recovery Software. If want to recover data from external storage, connect it to computer before launching data recovery software.

3. Choose "Raw Recovery" option, and click "Next". Tips: You can try "Deleted Recovery" option first, because it just need a few seconds to scan deleted files, but it may fail to find the file you want.

recover deleted files Windows xp

4. Select the drive you want to recover data from, and click "Scan" button to scan the lost files and retrieve them.

How to recover deleted files in Windows xp

5. Select the file you want and click the recover button to recover them. Tips: If the file is a picture, you can click the file name to preview the file before recovering it. Important: To avoid the lost file is overwritten, we strongly recommend that don't save the recovered files to the partition where the lost file in.

recover deleted files Windows xp

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