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Memory Card Error – How to Recover?

These tips show how to recover data from memory card when get memory card error prompt from camera and fail to read the data from memory card.

Tips: The memory card error usually happen on the old memory card, because the memory card has the max write times, the old memory card has come near or reached the max write times. If some of the bit of the data on memory card cannot be read, a memory card error happen. So it is very import to replace the old card with new card when the old card comes near to the end.

Ways to get round Memory Card Error:

Solution 1: Put Memory Card to card reader and insert it to computer to try whether it can be read in PC. If still get memory card error prompt, put it to another card reader and try again.


Solution 2: Recover the data from error memory card. If the solution 1 cannot solve the memory card error problem, you can follow the memory card data recovery guide bleow to recover the data from memory card.

1. Download Card data recovery software and install it to a Windows, and start it.

2. Put the memory card to a card reader, and plug in to computer.

3.Choose one or more types to recover. Here you can choose all option to scan and retrieve all data from memory card.

memory card error recovery

4. Select a memory card to scan and retrieve the lost data.

error memory card

5. Use the preview feature to find out the data you need. Or select all on left panel to recover all data on card.

6. Cick the Recover button to recover data to another partition or drivce.

memory card error recovery

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