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Excel Password Remover

FinalSeeker Excel Password Remover is powerful softhware which help you remove forgotten or lost password for ducuments created by Microsoft Excel. With it, you can easily remove any Excel files open password through three powerful attack types: Brute-force, Brute-force with Mask and Dictionary attacks. It supports all versions of Excel Files from 97-2013, 100% recovery guaranteed,


Key Features:

Supports all documents created by Microsoft Excel 97-2013(.xls .xlsx).
Remove Excel password instantly with advanced SSE technology.
Support GPU and multi-core CPU acceleration.
Remove any paword instantly no matter how strong it is.
Easy to use with friendly and simple interface.
Online password recovery service with guaranteed privacy.

Supports All Versions of Microsoft Excel Documents

Remove any encrypted documents created by Microsoft Excel 2010/2007/2003/2000/97 (*.xlsx, *.xls).
Even support the latest MS Excel version 2013.

Remove Excel Password in Seconds

Bypass Excel password instantly regardless of any length and complexity of it.
Advanced search algorithm and new-added SSE technology enable you to remove Excel "open" and "edit" password in less time.
Increase Excel password recovery process with NVIDIA/ATI GPUs and Multiple-core CPUs.
Simple and friendly interface, easy to remove password with a few clicks.

3 Efficient Password Attack Options

The program use Advanced Technology and three powerful password attack options which allows you to remove stong password faster that others:

Brute-force Attack - If you can't remember any password characters, this option try all possible password combinations.
Brute-force Attack with Mask - If you can remember the password characters partially, choose this option and set the possible password length and character to speed up the process .
Dictionary Attack - Try the password combinations in the built-in dictionary. You can also create a dictionary in various languages.

Powerful and Trustworthy Password Unlocker

Powerful software to remove excel password with nearly 100% success.
Online password recovery service with guaranteed privacy.
24 Hours Free Technical Support.

Limitation of Free Trial Version

The free version only allows you to scan the password-protected documents and can't remove any excel files password for you.

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