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Deleted File Recovery - Reliable & Professional software

Deleted file recovery - Shows Reliable & Professional software to recover deleted files from hard drive, USB hard drive and other storage devices on windows.

Finalseeker Data Recovery & Deleted file Recovery - In this article will show how ot recovery deleted files from hard drive with Finalseeker Data Recovery software.

Finalseeker Data Recovery

Finalseeker Data Recovery is reliable and professional data recovery software designed to recover lost files due to accidental deletion, formatting, partition, software crash, virus attack or other reasons.

Get Finalseeker Data Recovery and install it:

Tips: The trial version of Finalseeker Data Recovery only supports 10 files recovery, so if you want to recover more then 10 files, you need to register it.

Deleted file recovery guide:

When you deleted a file, it just be mark as deleted in file system. Actually, the file data still stay on the disk until it is overwritten, so it is recoverable. With Finalseeker Data Recovery software, you can recover deleted files with a few clicks.

Steps to recover deleted files:

Step 1: Start Finalseeker Data Recovery software.

Step 2: Select Recovery mode. Here choose Deleted Recovery. This option can help to recover newly deleted files in a few seconds. However, the Deleted Recovery option may feil to recover the deleted files sometimes. At this case, the Raw Recovery option can help you recover the lost files while Quick Recovery cannot do. The Raw Recovery options will take more time then Quick Recovery.

Deleted file Recovery

Step 4: Select the partition where the deleted files in.

software to recover deleted files

Step 5: Preview the lost files to choose the one you wan, and then click "Recover" to save them to another partition.

Deleted file Recovery

Important: Don't save the new files to the partition where the lost files in.


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