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How to create a data recovery boot cd to rescue your lost data

A data recovery boot cd (disk) is the best tool to recover the lost data from our computer when your system crashes or the lost data will be damaged at any time.

On Windows, many programs are running and will write data to disk. So if your data are marked deleted, it will be overwritten by new data at any time. It means that your data is very dangerous. Why and when you should use data recovery boot disk to recover your lost data, see Why you need data recovery for WinPE.

Finalseeker Data Recovery For WinPE can help you create a data recovery boot cd or create a data recovery boot USB disk easily. And you can boot your computer from password recovery boot disk to retrieve the lost data without doing any thing to damage to lost data. You can follow the guide below to rescue your lost data when it is dangerous.


Recover lost data with data recovery boot disk

You can get Finalseeker Data Recovery for WinPE and install it in a windows. Notice: Don't install it on the computer which your lost data in.

1. Create a data recovery boot CD or USB disk. Plug in a USB flash drive or blank CD/DVD disc, and then click "Burn" button to make a boot disk.

data recovery live cd

2. Set your computer to boot from CD or USB device, insert data recovery boot disk, and then restart your computer to boot it from data recovery boot disk.

3. When data recovery program starts, choose "Raw Recovery", and click "Next" to go to next steps.

data recovery live cd

4. On follow windows, select a partition or drive where the lost data in, and click "Scan".

data recovery boot cd

5. After scanning, the files found will displayS on list, choose the one you want and recover it.

data recovery boot disk

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