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Computer Data Recovery – Recover lost files from Hard Drive

Computer data recovery - This article shows you the easy and reliable way to recover deleted/formatted/corrupted data from your computer hard drive or other storage media.

Computer has become an important part of our life and our job. As a computer user, you may encounter data lost issues as below:

  • Deleted your files accidentally by "Shift + Del" key.
  • Deleted files and empty them from recycle bin and these turn out to be very important and useful for you.
  • Formatted you hard drive, and lost files which you still need.
  • Hard drive error or damage, or inaccessible error.
  • "This partition cannot be access before you format it" error.
  • Damage due to power off during a write/read process.
  • Other unknown reason that could cause damage to data.

When any of the problem happen to you, don't upset. You still have the change to recover all your lost data and continue your job. What you have to do is to find and easy and reliable way to find out the lost data and recover them from disk.

How to recover lost data from computer storage media:

A reliable computer data recovery program is very important for recovering lost data from your storage media. A great data recovery program can save on much trouble on recovering lost data. If you haven't got one worked fine for you, here is my recommendation: Finalseeker Data Recovery professional. Finalseeker Card Data Recovery can help to recover lost (deleted/formatted/corrupted) data from hard drive, memory card, USB drive etc.


1. Connect your computer storage media (hard drive, memory card, USB drive, etc) to computer.

2. Start Data Recovery software, and choose "Raw Recovery" option. You can also try the "Deleted Recovery" to perform a quick scanning.

Computer Data Recovery

3. Select a partition or drive and click "Scan" button to scan and retrieve lost data from storage media.

USB recover computer data

4. Preview to select the file you want. Tips: If the file cannot be preview by the preview function, you can try to recognize the file by the file name suffix, file size, or file date.

5. Select the files you want and click the recover button to save them to another partition.

Computer Data Recovery software

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