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5 Attentions to data recovery - Keep your data safe and recoverable

Accidently deleted your data from hard disk or memroy card? Formatted your disk and lost all your files? Or data lost due to repartition, uninstallation, suddenly power off, or other reason? When these issues happen, the files on storage media may be lost, or demaged. The following tips is helpful to keep your lost data safe and recover it.

1. Don't write new data to the partition or drive where your data lost to avoid futher damage! *****Very Important*****

2. If you lost data on system partition, press down the shutdown button to close the computer directly, because the system use disk space as virtual memory and write cache data to system partition at any run time.

3. If the card reader cannot recognize your memory card, try another card reader.

4. If the camera prompt "Memory card errro", do not format it or throw away it.

5. If get error message "cannot read the memory card or disk, do you want to format it?". Dnot format it before you recover the data on the card/disk.

5. Don't format the memory car or disk, when get messae " The disk is not formatted, do you want to format it".

6. Get professional data recovery software to recover the lost data.


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